Fairy Tale of The Baby Princess
Monday, October 23, 2006

:: Makan-makan @ The Fondue House ::
It was a tiring day, yesterday...
Sent my uncle off...
For his last journey...
For his last farewell!
Everyone was so serious...
Everything is done and back to aunt's place about 4...
Then we had lunch there...

Got back and bathed and was planning for my dinner.
I was craving for dessert...
And my makan-kaki is willing to spare his studying time for eating with me...

Chit GeGe, thank you so much.....
It's my pleasure to have your great company.

Now let me show you what we ate...
I made the order...
and we had Set 2 with Creamy Mushroom Cheese Fondue.

Creamy Mushroom Cheese Fondue with Deep Fried Chicken Fillet, Veggie, Bread, Cracker and Biscuits @ RM 29.90++

The big portion of chicken fillet...
I like brocolli but there is so little..
The celery is good when u dip them with cheese.
It's like how you have celery with Fridays' Buffalo Wings and the sauce!!

I'm a veggie lover now... but i still eat a lot of meat...
I am now craving for rib-eye....
I'm actually on diet.
Cannot think cannot think....

I like the biscuit the most among them...

Oh.... Such a big pot of cheese...

How I messed with the chicken and cheese...

FYI, they are having promotion till the end of the month.
You get a chocolate fondue for free with any purchase of fondue.

Chocolate fondue...

(Note: Somebody said he can make chocolate fondue too... I'm still waiting but I have yet to receive the invitation loh....)

Don't expect too much since it's free.
They are enough to keep your mouth shut!

topping.... choco powder.. peanut and coconut.

Oh... the chocolate fondue is heavenly....
If you know me well, I'm one that does not fancy sweet choco...
And this chocolate is never too sweet... I love it!!
This is one of the few that can make me feel that I'm in love!!

Look.... My strawberry dipped with chocolate!!!

Wait wait....
Divert from the topic first...
I wanna ask...
Should I keep my hair long or I should cut them short again?

Makan-kaki, Chit GeGe

The left over....
Can't manage to finish it...
Jelak liao!!

Baby Princess forgot about to take care of her appearance ("yi-tai") when comes to food...

FYI, I finished up the whole pot of chocolate....
I'm blessed that we were not given a bigger pot... Hahahaha!!!

I'm now fatter after this meal.
More work out for me!!

Sealed with a Kiss of Baby Princess
@ 11:58:00 PM
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